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Record Keeping through Access

May 13, 2011

As an Accounting major at Miami University I was required to take a business computing course that covered the Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access programs. Many of us are familiar with Excel and have a broad understanding of what we are able to do with the program, but the same cannot be said about Access.

I would highly recommend Access database software to all start-up businesses who are looking to keep detailed records. By using Access users can create a database that allows them to create queries that can lookup very specific information. Access allows the user to create forms and buttons which will run queries to lookup information such as email addresses, phone numbers, names, prices, etc. With the use of a Switchboard, Access allows you to connect to multiple data tables in a more professional setting than Excel. Access is affordable for any small start-up business and yet still has the capabilities as larger database programs like ACT! by Sage.

As a student it is important to keep organized and stay current with what I need to do for class. Access has allowed me to create a database in which I am able to view my current and past courses as well as update it with new ones. It has also allowed me to enter assignments for all of my classes into one data table and then run a query for assignments by class. In my database I was able to eliminate the typical grid styled data entry layout and fashion it so that all of my information is now projected with a colorful background and user friendly controls. For start-ups looking to manage clients, projects, employees, timecards, and other records under one roof Access is the program for you.

Through my business computing course I was shown that if I want to create a shipping order or an invoice I was able to create fields that will multiply the product cost by the quantity the buyer would like to get the total order very similar to excel. In addition to the sales order it is important to also charge sales tax, with Access I was able to write this into my program within seconds. Normally Excel requires the copying of a formula so that it can be used for future data entries, but with Access there is none of that. The formula is built into the field and copied throughout all records. If seeing empty fields is unattractive to how you want to view the form you can easily add a setting to that datasheet that shows only records that have values within all the fields.

As a student and an employee I have found Access to be very helpful. It’s allowed me to reduce the number of hours it takes to lookup company information from previous years. I have also been able to print off appealing reports and keep track of multiple projects all from within Access.

By:  Gabriel Kimble


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