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Re-Thinking Your Business - Case Study

August 07, 2009

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

A couple years back, our client Innersync Studio was cranking out high-end websites for major universities, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses. These websites were very pricy and hunting for new customers was a time consuming process. Their monthly revenue vacillated wildly depending upon whether they were in production mode or sales mode. As we looked closer we saw that they had built an extremely good platform, by which new web-sites could be designed and launched with ease. Innersync worked hard to refine this platform and streamline their business practice. Today, Innersync produces the same quality of websites at a fraction of their previous cost. With our help, Innersync changed their pricing model from a one-time fixed fee (say $50,000) to a monthly hosting fee under $1,000 that includes up-front design and set-up costs.  These changes have allowed Innersync to be more nimble in this economy, as well quadruple their “recurring monthly revenue”. Check out Innersync at

These changes were initiated by BusinessRx deploying one of our proprietary tools BizMap™. BizMap™ is an intense business review that diagnoses business misalignment and offers practical solutions that heal what ails the business. Next we developed key metrics that track the performance of the business so that business misalignment can be identified and corrected earlier. The owners of Innersync worked diligently to implement our advice. Today, despite this economy, their business is more stable.

In talking with Steve Williams, one of the owners, he said this about BusinessRx. “The process changes we made with the assistance of BusinessRx have transformed our business and greatly reduced web design time. We have standardized everything. Combined with leveraging campusuite®, our content management tool developed for education markets and developing a sister product innersuite™ for businesses, we were able to reduce our prices to our customers and cut our sales cycle by over fifty percent. Today, when we make an enhancement to our common platform - campusuite® or innersuite™ - all of customers’ websites have that enhancement - immediately and automatically.”


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