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The Power of Assessment Tests

September 24, 2009

Case Study

The Situation:

We have a client that sells advertising. The economy changed and sales have been off 20% for the past six months. Most of the sales people said it was the economy. Training and incentives produced sporadic results. It was time for a new approach.

The Plan:

We worked with our client to develop a sales team that can get results in today’s market place. By using assessment tests, we evaluated the traits of the current sales team, identified the key traits of the top producers and developed a sales profile. The profile indicated that people with outstanding communication skills would be the most successful sales people. Using the profile as one of the selection criteria in hiring new people our client was able to hire three additional sales people. Training was based on their individual results from the assessment tests. The owners used the information to hire, train and give ongoing coaching.

The Results:

Sales increased 30% during the first full month of sales with the new hires in place. Sales from new hires accounted for 27% of the total sales. The new hires had the highest average dollar sale. The low producers began to resign. Using assessment test gave the owners the information to hire and train based on what is needed to sell in the current market place.

The Cost:

It cost 3% of the incremental sales to achieve a 30% increase in sales. Adapting the hiring process to include assessment tests made a critical difference.



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